Strawberry blueberry jam without pectin using organic jaggery and healthy

I love making jams , even small quantities almost every fortnight to go with bread and making simple sandwiches . The store bought ones though tempting with great flavors do entice me but am wary of the loads of sugar and gelatine hence home made is the only answer .

Unlike what many think about jam making as a tiresome chore that needs lots of  patience , I do not think so as first of all I do not make them in large quantities for the simple reason I love experimenting with fruits combinations and flavors ., so the weekly run to the groceries will see me picking up some seasonal fruits for the fortnight . 

One such run saw me picking up some juicy awesome berries , blueberries and strawberries . 
Both are my favourite berries for many recipes such as crumbles, cheesecakes and smoothies .
But I had planned to make a simple easy jar of jam .So here goes ....

Strawberry Blueberry jam 


3 cups of strawberries 
2 cups of blueberries 
2 cups of powdered native palm jaggery ( or organic jaggery ) 
Juice of 1/2 lime 
1 tbsp lemon zest 


Wash the berries , wipe dry . 
hull and quarter the strawberries .
Do not chop blueberries 

In a pan add the chopped strawberries and blueberries . 
Mix in the powdered jaggery . 
Add in the lemon zest and lime juice .
Keep the flame on low and let the whole mixture bubble . 
Do not add water and let the berries cook in their own juices . This also keeps their shelf life longer .
The juice of berries will melt the powdered jaggery and make it syrupy .

Keep occasional  stirring and check the consistency .
Within 10-12 minutes you will see the texture changing from a thin juicy mixture to a thick satiny mixture . 
Test with a drop on a plate , it will seem to gel on it and remain thick .
Remove and cool .

Bottle when cooled well.

Suggestion :

You can also make this into a fruity preserve with lighter consistency . 
Which can be used to make fruit yogurts and mixed with just about anything from breads , cakes , pour on pancakes and fruit shakes or smoothies too .