METHI DOSA / VENDHAYAM DOSA ( With home made methi dosa mix )

Methi dosa / Vendhyam dosa or fenugreek seed dosa mix is yet another useful handy recipe from my kitchen and helping me tremendously as am currently traveling . 

The lack of gadgets to grind or ingredients not readily available need not deter any dosa lover from making it .
With little pre planning you can pack among other provisions that you will obviously be packing  while on a foreign trip these variety of dosa mixes .

I have already posted some ready to make dishes with instant mixes which Iam personally benefitting at the moment .
Your kids with little kitchen skills can easily prepare their favourite dishes from these mixes and so also your traveling hubby .
All you got to do is make up these mixes at home , pack in neat ziploc and paste instructions .

I also find these recipes  handy at home too when Iam not in a mood to grind a small batch of batter . 

These travel mixes as I call them will be useful till you settle down and locate stores in your area to cook from scratch .

Methi dosa mix 


1 cup rice flour  ( raw rice flour or even idiappam flour )  
3 tbsp methi powder   ( not to be roasted ) 
3 tbsp udad dal flour 


Mix the flours  well  in the above mentioned proportion and store In a ziploc bag if planning to take with you while traveling .

How to use 

Take out required quantity of flour . Add water and make a lump free batter just like ground dosa batter .
Allow to ferment overnight or about 8 to 10 hours . 
Batter will rise just like normal dosa batter . Don't over ferment .
Make dosas by adding little water to batter , add required salt and mix well .
Delicious aromatic healthy methi dosas are ready . 

Make a lump free batter .

Batter after sufficient fermentation .

Serve healthy methi dosas with your favourite accompaniments .