Green chilly Thokku or Pachai Milagai thokku ( Tamil ) is an utterly lipsmacking dip for curd rice .

It is the perfect Thokku / pickle to whet a poor appetite up and running ! Just don't overdo the tasting as it may create digestive problems . 

Every traditional Southern kitchen especially the Tam Brahmins has its  own version with some or many ingredients that go to make up a perfect spicy tangy Thokku . 

Many of us have an aunt or a grandma or even our mums who have made it their signature dish among many others and we faithfully follow suit . This method works well for me .

Please forgive the raw pics from the kitchen as am currently traveling and have few containers and nothing decent even to plate up . I couldn't wait to post despite lack of fancy tableware . 

Green chilli Thokku / Pachai Milagai Thokku 


250 grams green chillies  ( washed and dried ) 
3 tbsp udad dal ( green chilly Thokku is also made without udad dal  but this tastes better and gives good texture ) 
A big pinch of asafoetida powder 
1 small lime size tamrind or equivalent tamrind paste 
Salt to taste 
Pinch of turmeric powder 
1/2 cup sesame oil 
1 tbsp powdered jaggery 

To temper 

1 tsp mustard seeds 
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds 


In a pan add 1-2 tsp sesame oil and fry the udad dal on a medium flame till aromatic and golden brown . 

Keep aside to cool .
In the same pan add little more oil to sautée the washed dried chillies  and the tamrind ball till they seem to shrivel . 

Remove and keep aside to cool .
Now coarsely powder the roasted udad dal with jaggery and keep aside .
Next blend the sautéed green chillies with the tamrind , salt and grind to a paste .
Don't add water as green chillies have moisture .

Finally grind everything together with the powdered udad dal , jaggery and the green chilies tamrind mixture . Don't grind till pasty .keep it a bit coarse . 

Next , add a little oil enough to splutter the mustard seeds, add the methi seeds let it brown and then add the ground chilli mixture .
Add remaining oil, asafoetida powder , turmeric powder and let the mixture cook on a very low flame  , when the oil leaves the sides it is done . You can choose the consistency you want at this stage to keep  a bit loose or thicken further as I have done .  If you do add some sprinkles of water make sure to keep it always refrigerated as adding water reduces shelf life . 
Remove and store In a jar when cooled . 
The chili Thokku will remain good for a month and goes well with many dishes . 

I decided to keep a thick consistency as it is useful while traveling and avoiding accidental spills of oil etc . 


Adding some coriander leaves with the stalks gives a great flavor to an otherwise spicy chili Thokku .