AVIAL MIX ...INSTANT AVIAL ( mixed veg in a coconut gravy)

Instant Avial mix sounds like a boon to those craving for this delicious creamy coconut based curry with a choice of vegetables and a dash of coconut oil to invigorate the taste buds .

Avial is a popular Kerala dish with a mix of vegetables and mixed with a coconut yogurt base .
To those who are away from home, bachelors, students and moms who want to pack the foodie goodie bags with a choice of Instant foods , here is one more to add to the collection.

Definitely  useful for a person who is away from home and with limited kitchen and gadget  access .

All you need is to use around 2-3 tbs of this mix to the cooked vegetables and some whisked yogurt , and within minutes a delicious Avial is ready . A drizzle of fresh coconut oil on top completes the dish .

Ingredients : 

To make the mix 

1 tbsp cumin seeds
4-5 red dry chilies  ( as we cannot use fresh green chilies in this powder dry form )
3/4 cup coconut powder
3 tbsp rice flour 


Grind all the above in a very dry mixie jar to a fine powder.
Store in a dry container .

Send this dry Avial mix with your loved ones to enjoy home made Avial when they feel like.

Note :

The  measurements given should be scaled up to make bigger batch and in proportion .
we are using red chilies in place of fresh green chilies as we need to stock this dry powder for long .
You can also dry roast the green chilies if you like to make the mix  but  there should be no moisture.

To make instant Avial:

Cook a choice of vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, yam, green peas in  very little salted water with a pinch of turmeric powder.
When vegetables have softened lightly, add 3 tbsp of the Avial powder  ( for 1 cup mixed vegetables )
keep flame on low, add whisked yogurt and mix gently as you dont want to mash up the vegetables..
Add a tsp of coconut oil on top after removing from flame .

Serve instant Avial with Instant Adai 
Instant Adai recipe in my blog .