Combine the nutritional values and taste of these two amazing fruits. Figs and strawberries jam goes well perfectly to give natural sweetness and some juice to the making of this simple jam which is utterly delicious.

Doesnt use any artificial ingredient or preservative making it very safe and healthy to give youngsters to slather their breakfast bread slices with generously.
This delicious thick jam can be made without using pectin.


2 cups of chopped strawberries , juicier the better.
2 cups of finely chopped ripe figs.
1/2  cup powdered jaggery .
Add more for a more sweeter taste. 

Method :

Take a heavy bottomed pan, add the chopped fruits, add no water and let the fruits cook in their own juices.
Add the powdered jaggery which helps the cooking process , making it thicker and jammy in consistency.
Keep the flame on low to medium to prevent sticking to base.
Keep a gentle stir from time to time till the jam thickens and comes together.
Let the jam cool before you store in air tight bottles.
Keeps good outside fridge for a week , better to store in refrigerator for longer shelf life as no artificial preservatives have been used.