Paper dosa , ghee roast is a great favourite with dosa lovers especially kids .
Crispy crunchy till the last crumb it practically crackles with every bite . Served as one of the most popular dosas  in several restaurants , an authentic paper dosa comes from South .

We all crave to have this at home and feel it is quite a task . Paper dosa if you ask me is nothing but a technique that is all . The way the batter is spread and the heat maintained to roast it practically .
With ghee used to drizzle around the dosa to give that crackle it is one of the must dos in every kitchen .

My mother had that ingenuity to use just one kind of batter for all kinds of dosas and I still wonder !
While I try to keep my dosa recipes easy and practically use just two variety of recipes for many kinds of dosas am yet to come up with just a single recipe to meet with many kinds of dosas.  The sheer economic ways of doing things in kitchen is what I love about her cooking style . This particular recipe is good for masala dosa as well as a perfect paper dosa .

Ingredients :

2 Cups raw rice
3/4 cup udad dal
1/2 cup rice flour
2 tbsp chana dal
1/2 tsp of fenugreek seeds ( to get that rich brown colour )
3 tbsp of cooked rice ( optional )or soaked poha , 
1 1/2 tbsp fine sooji / rava to be added to ground batter and fermented .


Soak both raw rice and udad dal with Chana dal separately for 4 hours.
Grind first the udad dal and chana dal to smooth batter. Grind rice and rice flour together and add to udad dal batter .Towards the end add the cooked rice or poha , also and grind well. Add the fine rava to batter and mix well. Let batter ferment overnight .

During hot summers I prefer to soak overnight very late around 10 pm before going to bed , grind for batter at 6am and it gets fermented within 4 1/2 hours , so by 11 am we can enjoy a good brunch of yummy paper dosas or masala dosas . This way the batter doesn't get over fermented and stays sour free. 

Grind separately or together . Let ferment overnight as usual if you live in colder regions , when fermented add salt mix well , prepare dosas by spreading batter as much as possible all over . Scrape off the middle thicker portion and scrape all over too this ensures a. very crisp dosa need not flip over . Simply roll up and serve when hot and very crisp . Believe me this paper dosa remains crispy even when cool till the last bite . 

For a masala dosa you can spread the batter keeping it little thicker like shown below and not spread thin all the way till the edge . 

I call this the utterly paper dosa as it is totally flat  and thin all over and breaks ! See the pic below .