Strawberry and tomato jam may sound an odd combination but believe me it blends well and you get a great tasting jam with no sugar or added  preservatives but just plain unrefined jaggery.
Store bought jams are way too sugary and too sweet for our liking besides making simple fruit jams in home is an easy process and can be made in any quantity though I prefer making them in small batches as and when I get hold of seasonal fruits .That way the variety is endless and your breakfast bread gets a delicious edge . 

Strawberry Tomato jam is good to have with parathas, rotis andof course breads. I also use them as toppings for my cakes and even parfaits.

Prep time..10 minutes
cooking time .....20 minutes
Makes ....approx  225 grams 


3 cups chopped fully ripe hulled chopped strawberries
1 cup chopped ripe juicy tomatoes.
3/4 - 1 cup powdered native palm jaggery ( sugar if you dont get jaggery or dont want to use jaggery )
1 tbsp lemon zest  ( scrape a fresh lime to get the zest ) 


Take a heavy bottomed pan, add both the strawberries and tomatoes and cook on a very low flame. 
Do not add water. Cover and cook and you will see how the jams gets done in its own juices.
Halfway through when the tomatoes and strawberries are completely softened, the whole mixture looking a bit watery too, add the jaggery , lemon zest.

Continue cooking mixture on a very flame till thickened. Test a spoon by putting it on a plate , it must remain firm and in place and no water coming off.

The last few minutes are crucial as you need to remove when the thickening process is complete and shouldn't get burnt.

Let the jam cool well before storing in clean bottle..
Enjoy home made rich jam with any of your favorite dishes.

Microwave cooking is even faster.