This is a simple blend of few spices which gives a heady aroma and flavor to your rice preparations like pulav / pilaf ,

It can also make used  as a general spice blend to be added to many  of your dishes especially gravies and curries . It is best to make this powder in a small quantity as and when needed to get the best fragrance out of freshly ground spices .


10 -12 Cloves
5 Cardamom
6-7 Cinnamon
10 Bay leaves 
1 tsp Pepper
10 Star anise ( badyani )


Dry roast all the spices and powder well ..sieve and store in a clean air tight container 
Makes a very good garam masala for many dishes .

After sieving the powder you will have some spices left which have not been ground fine . Don't discard those , instead use them in your next pulav dish by putting them inside a small muslin cloth , tie it up and drop with the dish while being cooked . Remove and discard after the dish is done so you don't want to waste  . 


I have customized the Ingredients proportions to our taste as I don't like too much of cardamom flavor,  I have reduced it . Similarly cinnamon too. 
Usually in this garam masala equal quantities of the spices are chosen to be blended .
For example you can take 1 tbsp of each and powder . That is a minimum quantity and you can blend fresh quantity as and when you need .  

While using spices as whole you can also tie them in a muslin cloth and let the flavors fuse with the  rice and vegetables . You can then discard it . 
I prefer to use them as a powder instead .