Fenugreek seed sprouts and mango pickle ( thokku ) 

South Indians especially Tamilans have their own simple way of making mango thokku / manga thokku during the season as it can be prepared quickly and with few good raw mangoes  and can be tasted immediately . So it is common to kickstart the official pickle season by making this thokku in a large batch .

You may be astonished about using fenugreek seeds sprouts / methi sprouts in a mango thokku but it is not uncommon . Several North Indian style pickles use fenugreek seeds sprouts in many pickle varieties . 

The vadu Mangaai and avakkai  will  soon follow as they have to wait time for the resting time before they can be tasted . So the Fenugreek seeds sprouts mango thokku  is an opener ! It is like the official teaser to the pickle season ahead . 

Thokku preparation has one key ingredient which uplifts the taste , aroma  and the preserving part , by addition of fenugreek seeds in a roasted powdered form .Manga thokku is never complete without adding this methi powder . 

In this recipe that I have shared addition of fenugreek seed sprouts makes it even more amazing to taste , not a tad bit bitter but a very compelling fenugreek aroma even as you start the sauteeing of sprouts and grated raw mangoes . 

This is a pickle worth preparing and the wait for fenugreek seeds to sprout in order to add it to the grated raw mangoes is well worth the wait . Within three to four days of soaking methi seeds you will have a good growth of sprouts .


3 cups washed peeled and finely grated raw mangoes ( choose a firm variety and slightly sour ones ) 
3/4 th cup fenugreek seed sprouts / methi sprouts 
1/2 cup sesame oil 
Crystal salt as required 
Big pinch of asafoetida powder
1 tsp mustard seeds 
Pinch of turmeric powder 
5 tbsp chilli powder or as required .


To make sprouts 

1. Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds after washing them in a bowl . Keep water enough to cover the seeds overnight .
By morning the seeds would have swelled a bit and water almost absorbed .
Now drain the water and keep the soaked methi seeds in a colander or a tea sieve .
Sprinkle some water and cover with a damp cloth or use a perforated plate  to cover .

Check on the sprouts now and then and keep turning them around for even growth of all the seeds .Do not allow seeds to dry up and change water frequently . 
Within two days the seeds would have started sprouting and wait for good growth and then use in preparation of thokku .

2. Wash the sprouts well and again keep on a colander to drain water completely .
Pat them dry to remove any moisture as there should be no water in preparation of thokku .

3. In a large hard based pan , add 1 tsp oil  enough to splutter the mustard seeds after oil is heated .Add remaining oil after the thokku is half way to getting done in tablespoons . 
Now add the grated mangoes., fenugreek sprouts and stir well.
Keep flame  on a low , add turmeric powder , chili powder and salt .
Add asafoetida powder and keep stirring on a low flame .

4. Keep cooking and stirring the mixture by turning them till thokku is done .
Soon the grated mangoes and sprouts would have cooked and whole mixture coming to a ball like towards the centre of the pan .

5. Fenugreek seed sprouts and mango thokku is ready .

When cooled completely store in a glass bottle . 
Thokku reminds good for more than a month  in fridge .
Always use clean dry spoon to take put thokku from then bottle .
This tastes very delicious with parathas ,  theplas, rotis and curd rice .
As the fenugreek seeds are sprouted the bitterness is almost nil .