It is always better to make a small quantity of freshly  ground pav bhaji masala powder as and when you need it and believe me the freshness is something that is undeniably heady when you make the bhaji with the freshly ground spice powder at home.

Most of the ingredients may be readily available at home in our spice box and not difficult to get them too.
The greatest advantage is cost saving as we need not buy a pack of masala powder just for a single use , instead powder at home in the smallest quantity and and leftover can be used to spice your daily sabzis. too, it tastes great.


A mix of 7 kashmiri chilies  and 4  red dry chilies ( quantities can be altered )
4 tbsp coriander seeds
2  black cardamoms
1 tbsp turmeric powder ( may be added when the pan is hot at the end to prevent darkening)
2 tbsp jeera, 
2 tsp pepper
1  tbsp fennel

6-7 pieces ..1 cm cinnamon 
10 cloves
3 bay leaves
2 tbsp   amchur ( mango powder )powder to be added to roasted ingredients 
or if you dont have amchur powder, use  chaat masal powder .
Pinch of black salt


In a big tava / pan  , dry roast all the ingredients in small quantities and on a low flame till aromatic. and lightly brown. Roast them few at a time.

When cooled, powder them in a mixie as smooth as you want , sieve it further to get a fine powder.
Store in a good airtight container for aroma retention .

Dry amchur / mango  powder can be added last when the pan is hot.