Bisi bele bhath needs no introduction. It has now become as much as a South Indian Tamilian dish as a Kannada cuisine...Almost every family has included this dish in their list of  frequent meals  for  making this spicy sour mix of lentils and rice with vegetables. 

With a unique spice blend of masala powder paste that gives it a rich aroma  and when  tasted with a drizzle of ghee one needs nothing more. 

Usually had with boondi raita and potato chips , Bisi bele bhath is easily a  housewives favorite dish for busy weekends when a single one pot  dish is enough to cater to the family.

Rich in lentils, proteins, carbs, and all essential nutrients in one dish this fulfills almost all dietary needs for the day. 

How ever many of us feel this is a complex dish too as it involves many spices and so I recommend a small jar of this spice blend to be made in advance for the dish and also many other side dishes. Bisi bele bhath masala powder is so versatile that it gives extraordinary edge to many side dishes and good to have in stock besides your other spice powders and garam masala.
In my subsequent posts  I will share recipes which can be made with this one powder.



Roast all ingredients without burning on a low flame by roasting the red chillies , dal and coriander seeds first and the rest separately.

Roast the coconut separately along with poppy seeds.

Store the powder in a clean air tight container and use as required .It is better to store in refrigerator as we use kopra and also to preserve the aroma , it stays good for long period.

To prepare the dish check the link where the procedure is

 I prefer to make bisi bele bhath a bit thicker in consistency unlike the traditional runny consistency.

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