Brinji rice is a complete meal with rice , vegetables , some spices and flavored with coconut milk which gives  that distinctive taste . It is almost close to taste in Biriyani as most of the spices used are common.

I have tasted  this in many wedding feasts and not too passionate about it as the dish is usually served with high on spices and too garlicky for my liking. So the best way is to prepare at home by adjusting the flavors, spices and limiting use of garlic.I have also made this previously  without onions and garlic  and yet  it  tastes great. I guess it is the taste of the coconut milk that does the trick.

Ingredients :

1 cup basmati rice or brown rice .

 2 small onions thinly sliced
2 tomatoes chopped
2 green chilliest
1/2 cup chopped mint leaves
1/4 cup chopped coriander leaves
1 cup of mixed vegetables chopped like carrots , cauliflower. , green peas
1 cup thick coconut milk or 4 tbsp fresh coconut grated
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
Salt to taste
2-3 tbsp ghee or oil


3 cloves
1 cardamom
A small piece of cinnamon
3-4 bay leaves
1/2 tsp fennel seeds


I used a rice cooker , but you can use the pressure cooker too .

In a cooker pan  heat  some ghee or oil and add the green chilies , bay leaves, cinnamon and  cloves . Add the ginger garlic  paste, Add the onions and sautée till onions are translucent , add chopped tomatoes and other vegetables.

Now add the brown rice or basmati rice and sautée well . Add salt , Add sufficient water in the proportion  for 1 cup brown rice 2 cups water and a little more for the vegetables . Cover  , pressure cook and allow 2 whistles .

While the rice is getting cooked,  grind to a paste fresh coconut with fennel seeds and some mint leaves . Or mint leaves can be added without grinding too .

Keep the ground  paste ready . If using coconut milk instead then add the powdered fennel previously in the cooker itself with other spices .

When the cooker cools , remove weight and add the ground paste of coconut with mint and fennel and add to the cooked rice and vegetable mixture, stir well and let it cook in open cooker on a low flame allowing the coconut to blend with other flavors.

Remove the cooker from flame and when cooked gently fluff with dork , add chopped coriander leaves and some ghee if you wish .

Serve with cucumber tomato raita or boondi raita .


If you do not like to add whole spices in the dish, then use only the bay leaves for the sautee with vegetables and grind the spices with coconut to a smooth paste.