Thatte idlis ( Thatte meaning plate in Kannada) are very popular all over Karnataka, more specifically on the Bangalore Mysore route. It has  become a haven for the bike riders and car drivers who are on  a week end escaping the city traffic out into the open , where these yummy soft idlis are the nourishment for the tired souls..yet it is a simple fare and served  in many ways with some chutneys, benne ( buter) and with some cripy medu vada ( vade) to finish off with some filter coffee..Many such eateries are dotted  along the Tumkur , Bidadi routes  and they have their fare share of fame among those who populate the routes on week ends. Going by the cars and two wheeler s jostling for parking space along the highways  near these eat outs you can guess the popularity of these joints.

Bangalore has many such eateries serving exclusive Thatte idlis but I believe the best ones are on the roads enroute to Mysore especially a town called Bidadi..Having lived In karnataka for a good no of years I have  tasted these on several ocassions and do not find these in Chennai. So the next best is to try to replicate with a modest success. Well am completely satisfied!.

But nothing like the roadside eatery experience of soft thatee idlis smothered in sambar, chutneys and crispy vadas on the side.The recipe has been tried from Mrs. Mallika Badrinath show.

Ingredients :

2 cups idli/dosa rice
1 cup raw rice
1/2 cup thick poha / avalakki
1/4 cup sago/ sabudana or cooked rice which need not be soaked  but can be added while grinding.
3/4 cup udad dal
1/2 tbsp fenugreek seeds
1/2 tsp soda
salt as needed

Use any cup to measure but keep the same to measure all ingredients.
Thatte stand is available in stores with individual steel plates  in which the batter can be poured and steamed . But if you do not make these often you can use any  plate in the house.which is deep enough to get a good thatee idlis.I do not have the stand as I rarely make these idlis, so I use my steel plates.

Just one big thatee idli makes a sumptuous breakfast or even brunch too. Throw in one crunchy medu vada and it is heavenly!


Wash and soak the poha and sabudana separately in a bowl of water around for  2 hours.
In another bowl wash and soak  both the rice for 4-6 hours
Wash and soak the udad dal separately  in another bowl for 3  hours.

Grind them separately as we normally do for grinding idli batter,  and mix well when a good thick batter has been obtained.
Keep to ferment overnight .
In the morning just before preparing thatte idlis, add the soda, mix well.
Make thatee idlis by greasing the plates well, and pour batter upto 3/4 th of the plate.
Steam like regular idlis , till done.

To remove idlis, let them cool well, use a knife or a flat spatula, to run around the edges to loosen the idlis without breaking.
It is a good idea to keep a banana leaf on the base of the plate and batter can be poured on it . This makes it easy to remove the idlis without crumbling.
Serve with an assortment of chutneys and sambar.

Plate in which the batter is poured , about 3/4 th full.

Thatee idli is ready .

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