Kara sev Khara sev spicy Diwali recipe made easily with besan flour

A traditional recipe for Diwali is kara sev which means of course spicy sev .
Those who are busy and do not know what to prepare for Diwali at the last minute,  this is a good one to try.
Just mix the flours and either use a grater to make the sev or a steel metal press .Crunchy karasev is ready even while your tea is boiling..

1/2 cup of each flour ( half of recipe ) yields approx 2.5 cups of karasev.


1 cup besan flour/ chickpea flour
1 cup rice flour ( idiyappam lfour will do.)
Pinch of asafoetida powder
2.5 tsp  cracked pepper ( as we dont use any other spice agent , so 2.5 tsp pepper is needed )
A pinch of carom seeds ( ajwain )
salt as needed
2  tbsp softened butter or hot oil 
Oil to deep fry.

You need a metal press with the holes to prepare the kara sev.

It can also be made using the carrot grater , by rubbing  a small ball of dough on the other side directly into oil , the pieces of dough will fall into hot oil. see pics below. 

The shape of the karasev when rubbed against a grater. You can make it in a plate and then drop them in the oil if you cannot hold the grater over hot oil..

I prefer making with the press as it is faster and the hands dont get heated,


In a bowl mix the flours  and spices with salt.Sieve the besan if necessary or if there are lumps, . Then add the butter and mix  with your fingers till the flours are coated well and appear  crumbly.
Then add water little by little till you can make smooth dough.

In a pan add, oil, when it is heated to a medium , drop a pinch  ball of dough and check if ready.
Take a small ball of the dough, place it in the metal or wooden press and  press directly into hot oil  . Reduce the flame to medium.

When the sev appear to be lightly golden and, remove and drain on a paper towel.
Dont crowd the oil with too many coils of pressed dough, they will sink to bottom and become lumpy.

Do not prepare the dough in bulk, better to measure out 2 cups at a time as the dough tends to dry out and you will get more darker colored kara sev which doesn't taste good.

Enjoy spicy karasev with hot masla tea..the best accompaniment.

When rubbed on a grater, the sev appears like this.