Butter murruku Diwali recipe Janmaashtami recipe

Butter Murukku as the name suggests is a crispy buttery snack often prepared for Janmaashtami and Diwali. One more crunchy snack recipe for your collection.

It is so surprising how quickly one can have such snacks ready under 30 minutes if you have the three important flours required for most snacks...rice flour, besan/chickpeaflour and fried gram flour/ pottukadalai flour.

It s a good idea to stock up on the basic snack ingredients like rice flour, chickpea flour, fried gram flour( prepared at home by powdering fried gram ),udad dal powder,  fresh asafoetida powder, chilli powder, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, good butter, and of course oil to fry.Most recipes need some of these so buy them in quantities you need and keep them handy to prepare a variety of crunchy snacks all under 30 minutes.

This recipe will give approx.24 chaklis/ Murukkus  with three spirals.
Normally I do not prepare like individual murukus, but simply press the dough into hot oil with no particular design. But it is good to prepare such individual pieces for giving to guests.


1 cup rice flour 
1 tbsp pottukadali / fried gram powder
2 tbsp besan/chickpea flour
1 .5 tbsp butter
1 tsp sesame seeds
salt as required
A pinch of asafoetida powder

Oil for deep frying
A wooden or steel press with a star shaped plate.


First prepare the fried gram dal powder/potukadalai powder by grinding in mixie. Sieve it if it is not smooth after grinding.

Take a bowl and add all the dry ingredients. Mix butter and crumble the mixture well with fingers.
Add water in tablespoons , just enough to make  a smooth pliable dough.

Keep the oil for heating, and test with a small pinch of batter.,
Either press the dough directly into hot oil or make separate murukkus on a white cloth, or  individual plates. 

Do not disturb the chaklis while it is cooking in hot oil, lower flame to medium and when the bubbles stop completely, flip and cook other side.,

Remove when golden .

Make the murukkus on the sieve ladle and drop it in hot oil,  if you do not want to press directly into hot oil.