During Navarathri  and other fasting days/ Vrat ..many families fast and use only ceratin ingredients , vegetables, fruits in the daily meals which is usually once a day. 

While it is a great time to fast , we need not deprive ourselves of simple tasty dishes like sambar which we can have with samo idlis, rajgira  ( amaranth flour ) dosas or even rotis made with  barnyard millet flour.

This sambar can be a good accompaniment for vrat ka chawal too. ( Vrat rice  using samo rice /millets )

So during the fast for nine days or ten is a good idea to prepare the sambar masala powder ahead of time for daily use.
I like the slight difference in  taste than the usual and also make it in larger quantities for a variation in sambar taste ,.

Make the powder  with the following proportion.



5 tsp coriander seeds
4 round red dry chillies ( boriya)
 2 tbsp roasted peanuts/ optional 
2  tbsp kopra / dry coconut ( can be added  for this batch if you are going to consume it quickly )
1 inch stick cinnamon


Roast the ingredients with little oil, separately, till fragrant, let cool and then grind to a fine powder.

If you wish to add coconut at the time of making sambar by using fresh coconut or dry powder, add it to the sambar by grinding to a paste.
It can also be added while making this sambar powder for the 10 days. Store in clean airtight container.