Rajgira ( amaranth flour) Dhaniya, paneer parathas is an excellent filling meal that can be consumed during the religious festival of Navarathri or other fasting /Vrat days.

More about Rajgira/ Amaranth .

This tiny grain is actually a seed and has a rich history dating back to  8000 years! The Aztecs relied on this wonder seed as a  staple food, used it in religious rites.. It is in fact called the grain of the Gods. It is rich, gluten free and can be used to replace many flours.It is a good source of protein, ideal for gluten free baking, contains all essential amino acids and lysine which is almost absent in most flours. This is perfect for a  vegan and gluten free diets.

The flour has a mild, sweet, nutty earthy flavor therefore enhances the flavor of food.

However it has slightly  higher glycemic index levels so Diabetics need to consult with their doctors and should not switch to this flour completely but mix it with other flours to balance the glucose and prevent rapid spikes in the sugar levels. Consumed in small amounts or mixed with other healthy flours you can get the benefit of a nutritionally rich flour. So do not avoid it completely.It is any day better then plain white flour. The other big  benefits are it has great cholesterol lowering properties.

It makes a great breakfast option as a porridge mixed with other forms of grains.
The amaranth seeds can be popped to make healthy ladoos or chikkis.


1 cup rajgira flour
3 medium size potatoes.
1 tbsp green chillies paste
1/2 tbsp ginger paste
1/2 cup cleaned washed finely chopped coriander leaves.
1 /4 cup paneer cubes home made. ( if using for fast /vrat)

sendha namak/rock salt
ghee or oil for roasting the parathas.


Peel, the cooked potatoes and mash well .
In a bowl add the rajgira flour, mashed potato mixture, ginger , chilli paste, salt, crumbled paneer, dhaniya leaves and with very little water make a smooth dough.

As the rajgira flour is gluten free it is difficult to roll out to thin circles , so if necessary , use a plastic sheet, or plantain leaf, pat it with your palm or roll it with a rolling pin after dabbing with flour to keep it non sticky. The ball of dough can also be placed between ziploc sheets and rolled over , dont make bigger circles as it is difficult  to roll without breaking edges, and will make a messy paratha.

Cook the prepared parathas on a heated griddle, use melted ghee around the edges for a crispy finish.

cook well on both sides till they turn little brown.

Remove and serve with peanut curd chutney , or faraali chutney powder and dahi.

Instead of making small balls, and keeping a filling of the potato dhaniya paneer mixture, I decided to make a dough out of all the ingredients , as it makes it easy to roll out.

You can make parathas which ever way is convenient to you.