Navarathri and other upwas/ vrat/fast days means that we cannot indulge in our usual dishes  but also does  not deter us from trying innovative ways to get around the rules and come up with winning dishes..

I am a South Indian but I also try the various Faraali dishes during Navarathri and try as I might it is difficult to lose the Southern taste buds and hence we come up with  different combinations for having our Idlis, dosas and chutneys the Faraal way!!

It is not difficult to make small changes and one need not live on a diet of potatoes or sabudaana all the 9 days, with chnage of ingredients we can continue to have our favourite chutney smeared Idlis usign a spicy dry red chutney which goes well with parathas and rotis made with Faraal ingredients.


100 grams of peanuts
1 tbsp cumin seeds
 1tbsp dhaniya seeds
4-6 tbsp dry coconut ( kopra)
1 tbsp sesame seeds
4-6 red round chillies ( boriya)
Sendha namak ( rock salt)


Roast all the ingredients separately without scorching . When cooled powder them finely.
Store in an air tight bottle and use during Vrat period or even on other days.

This goes well with Vrat ka idlis,  dosas or  parathas.


After the Vrat period, you can easily make this into a even more spicy delicious chutney powder by adding some garlic, 1 small bit of tamrind, roast and powder these and  mix with the chutney powder.