Ragi dosa


1 cup udad dal
1/4 cup varagu rice, ( kodo millets)
1 tbsp fenugreek seeds.
2 cups ragi flour


Soak the udad dal, varagu arisi( kodo millets ) with fenugreek seeds for 3 hours.

Grind to a thick dosa batter. Half way through grinding , add ragi flour along with the dal and kodo millets,  and grind well to a smooth batter.

Ferment batter for 8 hours or overnight.. Next morning , batter would have fermented and risen, add salt, mix well.

Next day prepare dosa as usual.

Serve healthy nutritious ragi dosa with chutney and sambar of your choice.

Notes on Ragi / Figer millets

Ragi is the name given to finger millets and it is a nutritiouos grain rich with calcium, protein, good amomunt of iron and other minerals.

It promotes natural weight loss, good vegan gluten free source of protein.
It is a great whole grain source of calcium.Compare ragi with other grains. Source Millets nutrition.

Content (mgs) Brown Rice Wheat Maize Ragi

Calcium            33                    33            26   350                                    
Iron             1.8                      3.5      2.7            3.9                          
Niacin        4.3                  5.1         3.6           1.1

Thiamin   0.41                        0.41        0.38         0.42

Riboflavin 0.04          0.1         0.2          0.19

While ragi is a valuable grain to consider in healthy eating plan, there is a misconception that all millets are good for diabetics, where as Ragi has high amounts of carbohydrates which will increase the sugar levels so diabetics need to use caution and consult their doctors before switching to Ragi or use with limits.