This dates and nuts barfi is very easy and a quick sweet to have in fridge  to indulge your kids with instead of the buttery , deep fried sweet s which you may give occasionally . It is a great idea to include the goodness of dates with  a variety of nuts in it.

Every Diwali I make this in bulk as I find it easy and needs no pre planning. This barfi however has a sandwich layer of a sweet mava which you may omit if you think it is too sweet . But I assure you , you must give it a try at least once to see how the humble dates transforms to something super exotic with the mava filling sandwiched between date sheet.


1 cup seedless dates finely chopped or pulsed in a blender 
3/4 cups mixed nuts slivers or chopped. like almonds, cashew, pistachios
1 tbsp ghee or melted butter

Ingredients for the mava ( filling )

1 cup milk powder
1 tbsp melted ghee
1/4 cup hot water or hot milk.
1/4 cup or less  powdered sugar 
Slivered pistachios for garnish
Pinch of cardamom powder.

Method to make the dates barfi

First, chop the seedless dates finely or best to pulse in a blender in short bursts or else it will turn to a sticky ball .Keep the nuts powdered or slivered coarsely.

Now take a pan , add the ghee and the slivered nuts, on a low flame, keep stirring them togrether toil the dates seem to be soft and smooth in texture. Around 3 minutes is all it takes, remove and keep aside to cool.

Then take a nonstick board and place the dates mixture, work it to a ball first and then flatten it out ,
Next wrap it in cling wrap or aluminium foil and keep in fridge to rest for 2 hours..

Next prepare the sweet mava filling mixture which is actually the pedha mixture , so if you have left over barfis, use it to make the filling!


Take ingredients for mava making from list above.

Boil the water or milk well,   add the melted ghee to it.
Quickly add the milk powder , sugar and cardamom powder and mix well using a spatula , by now the pedha mixture will look like a smooth dough. Like a thick poori dough.
You can keep it immediately  on a non  stick pan to keep stirring and making it a little more  dry if you find it a bit too soft to handle.  Add more milk powder while on stove to bring consistency to a thick dough and make it non sticky. Do not add any additional water  or milk.

Remove immediately and let it cool.
You can keep it in fridge for half an hour to make it firm and easy to roll out for filling.

Take out the mava dough from the fridge, it would have hardened a bit.dough is very workable.
Place the pedha dough between plastic sheet, use a rolling pin to flatten it to thick sheet , decide the thickness of filling  you want .

To assemble the dates, nuts and mava barfi.

Remove the dates wrapped in cling wrap and you will see it hardened to a log like texture.
Flatten it out to two sheets. Work on a non stick board .

Remove one date sheet . Place the mava filling sheet which is now hardened and keep the second date sheet on top. 
Now apply pressure gently with a rolling pin on top of the dates mava sandwich to get even top.
Again cling warp it and keep in fridge for an hour.

Remove from fridge, remove the cling wrap, and you will see a perfect slab of dates and nuts barfi sandwich . 
Make the slices as desired .
Store each slice between butter papers to keep it non sticky and store in fridge.

Place the filling between dates nuts sheet and roll carefully with rolling pin.

Suggestions :

Use left over mava barfis to make the filling.
Instead of making a rectangular slab , make a cylindrical roll of the dates and mava mixture,  and cut into slices like cookies after unwrapping the cling wrap .