Mango season is incomplete without the famed Amrakhand or Mango shrikhand . A delicious way to enjoy hot pooris with mango shrikhand or even your phulkas will taste great if you are not keen about fried pooris. 

When the dish is as royal and as elegant as Mango shrikhand, the main dish needs to be even more yummy and royal so it is paired with pooris. 

Ingredients  :

1 cup hung yogurt/curd after draining all the water for nearly three  to four hours of dripping.
1/2 cup thick mango pulp from Alphonso variety of mangoes, or else any good sweet local variety.
2 tbsp finely powdered sugar. qty depends on sweetness of mangoes , so you need to adjust .
Pinch of cardamom powder
A few  saffron strands
Almond slivers for the garnish


Take a clean thin cheesecloth or any thin fabric to tie up the fresh thick curd  into a bundle and allow to drip .
It is a good idea to hang it from a door, say the fridge door handle, keep a bowl to collect the water,I also tie it inside the fridge to keep the curd fresh .

After 3-4 hours when the curd is very thick and almost dry, take a bowl.
Place the hung curd, add the cardamom powder, saffron strands, powdered sugar and add the mango puree.
Take a whisk to blend into a thick lump free creamy texture.
Garnish with nuts and keep chilled in earthen pots or in the fridge.

Serve with hot pooris or rotis.
Kids will enjoy it as it is like a chilled creamy dessert.

Mash it well after rt has become very thick.

Add mango pulp and whisk well. Add powdered sugar, saffron strands, cardamom powder, whisk well again.

Store in a bowl or in earthen pots and keep in fridge till required.