A bag of wholewheat multigrain flour got  me thinking about a different recipe...Pizza was something I  haven't posted and I was shocked.!!.how could it be possible!! 550 recipes in my blog and no pizza yet.!..
Reason being ,I have never been very fond of Pizza, except the occasional slice when my daughter orders them once in six months!.But every blogger worth his salt or sugar must have at least one pizza recipe in their repertoire I think.
So this lovely crackling pizza happened and by the raving comments that my daughter dear heaped on me it seems I will make them quite often.


2 cups whole wheat multigrain flour ( you can use a mix of whole wheat  flour and all purpose flour too.)
1 tsp active dry yeast
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp olive oil
3/4 cup lukewarm water
very tiny pinch of sugar for yeast to work.
1 tsp olive oil


Pizza sauce ( I used a ready made brand )
Mozzarella pizza cheese grated . How much ?  You decide on the quantity !
Parmesan cheese if you can get it.
Topping vegetables can include any of  your choice chopped tomatoes, red peppers, sauteed onions,mushrooms,  olives,corn, jalapenos.
I used chopped   red bell  peppers, tomatoes, moong sprouts . My daughter loved it !
1 tsp oregano powder
1 tsp garlic powder ( skip  if using a mixed pizza seasonings powder)
1 tsp Italian seasonings powder or use any good pizza mix powder readily available in stores..
1/2 tsp chilli flakes.


Mix water and yeast in a bowl, add sugar , cover till yeast is dissolved and it looks like a little  foamy  and bubbly.
Add the flour, salt and make a dough which will be shaggy and loose, take it to the counter and and sprinkle very little flour on the surface to work the dough till smooth , elastic and non sticky
Will take around 3-5 minutes.Dont keep adding flour except 1-2 tbsp to keep hands non sticky. Use 1-2 tsp olive oil.Keep the dough soft and pliable.
After 5 minutes , when the dough is smooth, soft and non sticky, keep covered in a greased bowl till almost doubled, may taker around 1 hour .. Pizza can be made right away  after making dough also but you will get great crackling pizza if  dough is allowed to rise.
After the dough has doubled or increased in bulk, take it to a non sticky surface like a greased plate or a parchment paper and divide the dough to two balls, keep one in the fridge for later use .

Before making the pizza, pre heat oven to 220 C .

Now make a ball of the dough, take the plate in which you will bake the pizza, grease it lightly, dust it , and place the ball of dough on it, with the heel of your hand shape into a circle , slowly, patting along to get a thin base and take it all over the circumference of the plate. As we are making thin crust, no need to make edges a little thick like regular pizza, you can even use a rolling  pin to stretch the dough.

Once you  have shaped a thin circle of dough around the baking sheet,first smear a thin coat of olive oil ,  start spreading the pizza sauce uniformly all over with a spoon or a brush, next scatter uniformly  all the toppings one by one, sprinkle some garlic powder, pizza mix powder, chili flakes all over.

Then sprinkle generously or as little as you want of the grated cheese, sprinkle Parmesan cheese if you have.Sprinkle seasonings and oregano powder.
Place the sheet with pizza into the oven and bake till done to get a crusty pizza.Approximately 12 minutes depending on your oven type.

Cool on a wire rack and slice.
Enjoy whole wheat thin crust pizza in your home as you wish without depending on pizza joints to deliver them home.