Steamed banana pudding cake ....

Steamed cakes can be delicious, moist and perfect. This is a boon to those who are new to baking, who wish to make their first cake, who do not have an oven , scared of baking in pressure cooker....this steamed cake is the answer, you get a perfect cake, and the courage to try baking them too the usual way. Steamed cakes are also very easy to work with decorating, frosting etc..If you can make dhoklas and idlis, you can steam this cake too.

I bake cakes the usual way , but I love the steamed cakes for their super soft light springy touch.

These steamed cakes are also a guaranteed success , no nail biting tension to wonder if the cake will rise or not, will it get steam cooked perfectly or need to be patient just as you steam light dhoklas, so also these steamed cakes can be done perfectly.


1 1/4 cup all purpose flour
1 tbsp melted ghee or oil
Pinch of cinnamon powder
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
1 cup mashed banana puree
3/4 cup thick fresh yogurt.
1/2  cup sugar.
1 cup thick whipping cream prepared with full  thick fresh cream and powdered sugar.

You can also choose chocolate butter cream for the sandwich filling instead of whipped cream .I used  Amul fresh cream by keeping it chilled in fridge for few hours, draining the watery milk after opening, then whipped up the rest to get some decent peaks.Use chilled bowl and beater to whip the cream. Keep in fridge for some time to set it well.


Grease a bundt pan or a suitable baking tin.Be sure to grease well all over evenly.
Take a big bowl and first add  all the dry ingredients  except sugar one by one.mix well.
In another bowl, add the yogurt, melted ghee or oil , vanilla extract, sugar, banana puree and whisk well till sugar is dissolved and the mixture appears light and creamy.

Now fold in the dry ingredients to the wet and make adjustment to  the batter consistency with milk or more yogurt. The batter should be as thick as normal cake batter not too thick or runny.
Take a steamer, fill the  vessel with sufficient water, let it get heated well, then  place the cake tin inside. Keep on high flame initially and lower to medium till done.Steam cook till done, till the cake appears light and springy to touch.
Poke with a knife to check the inside .Steaming may take around 25 minutes depending on the type of steamer.

You can use normal pressure cooker also, without weight.

Keep a kettle of hot water ready to add to the steamer if level reduces and you need to steam the cake for some more time. Lower the flame, open the steamer, add more water from the sides till sufficient level is reached, cover quickly and increase the flame.
After switching off the flame, remove the tin carefully and let it cool down . Un mould on a plate and allow to cool well.Run a knife around the side to loosen the pudding cake. 
You can add some whipped cream by slicing the cake horizontally, sandwich the cake between whipped cream and add more on top, finish off with some chocolate shavings.
Pour banana custard sauce with banana slices  for added flavor.
You can creatively serve this simple delicious banana pudding cake either warm or chilled..

Banana custard sauce

1/2 cup sugar or brown sugar
1 tbsp custard powder ( vanilla flavored or plain)
1  1/2 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 banana sliced
some chopped nuts for garnish

Take a bowl , combine the sugar, custard powder, milk and mix till smooth. Then cook over a low heat .
It will thicken and bubble, now lower the flame and add some banana chunks  slightly  smashed , saving some slices for garnish.
Remove from flame and chill. Keep the custard sauce little runny , to pour over the pudding cake while serving.

To serve the  pudding cake, slice a wedge of banana pudding cake, pour the chilled custard sauce with banana slices and top with nuts to serve .