Bread halva is a most delightful easy quick dessert that can be made even when your guests are eating the meals and you  want an additional dessert.

Just chop the bread slices in to pieces and stir with  other ingredients . Unlike normal halvas it doesn't take along as the texture becomes thick and comes together quickly, no question of reduction of ingredients.

I do not discard even the crusts and used everything in the dish to avoid wastage  and it never made a difference.
You cannot tell it is bread halva , tastes more like gulab jamuns smashed !

I added some quick cooking oats as an additional healthy ingredients though it  is not required so skip it if you do not have oats or do not want to use it in the halva.


5 slices of whole wheat, oats and flax bread ( choose any you have )
1/2 cup quick cooking oats ( I had a mix of quick cooking oats, with ragi flakes, jowar and barley)
2 tbsp ghee/ or ghee oil combination
1/4 cup sugar ( depends on your taste)
some toasted cashew nuts
Pinch of cardamom powder

1/2 cup mava crumbled ( I used  quick mava from my mava recipe ) 
1 cup milk , add more to bring a good consistency.


Take a deep pan, add the ghee /oil combination, toast the cashew nuts and keep aside.
In the same ghee pan , add the bread pieces and keep toasting till crisp , remove and keep aside.
Now add the milk and ad , sugar, powdered cardamom, crumbled mava and mix well, now add the bread pieces and the toasted cashew nuts and keep stirring til mixture thickens, add the sugar too, soon a halva like consistency will be reached,
Add some extra ghee if you like to make it more smooth and pliable .

Remove and serve warm or chilled.
this is definitely worth trying and  can be made in a jiffy in a microwave as well.

 Stirring mava to soften it.

To make mava follow this quick method.