Vrat/ Fast Lunch For Navarathri

Vrat or Food for fasting days also known as  Faraali khaana, Vrat ka khaana is very popular mostly among the North Indians, while the South Indian concept of fast is totally different.

Several requests came in asking me to put together some combinations for the coming fast days..Have a modest collection of tried and tested recipes from my kitchen taking care to research on the ingredients that can be used during Fasting period.

While I wasn't really on a  Vrat /Fast, I decided to go on one as it were by actually cooking such dishes and experiencing the impact!! All I can say is these foods have a different effect on your senses, thought s and physical condition. Every plate turned out to be a feast even with small portions, so it was anticipated with much gusto! 

Even small amounts of the daily sweet consumption after offering as prasad worried me , but it was for only 9 days.

The pic above gives a suggestion f some of the dishes you can try..Click on the links below to go to each recipe .

1. Samo/Moraiyo dosa

2. Samo/Millet Sheera

3. Dhaniya Jeera Aaaloo

4. Dates Milk shake /Khajoor Milkshake

5. Samo Rajgira dosa

6. Dhaniya Chutney