Rajgira poori ( amaranth flour / Vrat recipe)


Rajgira pooris are very popular and healthy too made with Amaranth flour / Rajgira flour especially during Fasting days during Navaratri.

These pooris make a perfect combination with dahi wale aaloo  ki sabzi yet another scrumptious fast recipe simple but heavenly.


1 cup rajgira flour
1/2 cup boiled mashed potatoes.
2 tbsp arrow root flour
1 tbsp hot oil
sendha namak ( rock salt )
ghee or oil for deep frying.


Mix all ingredients to make a smooth poori dough. Meanwhile keep oil/ ghee to heat to a medium .
Make small balls of dough for poris.
Roll out each poori into a medium size  approx 80 mm and deep fry .

Enjoy delicious Rajgira pooris with  dahi wale aaloo ki sabzi.