Potato fritters ( aaloo pakodas vrat recipe)

The season of fasting ( vrat ) especially during Navaratri need not stop us from enjoying our evening snacks. just a little change in the ingredients and you can tuck into your favourite fritters with much gusto!!

Typical flours used during Vrat are kuttu ka atta./  buck wheat flour and some kinds of millets are also
 permitted and there are such a wonderful array of snacks and dishes that can be prepared by using such ingredients that fast will seem more like a feast!.

The potato fritters or pakodis as it is called by Northerners and pakodas by South Indians..make a very tempting snack with kuttu ka atta/ buck wheat flour.
Recipe idea from Tarla Dalal.


1 cup kuttu ka atta ( buck wheat flour)
Pinch of sendha namak ( rock salt)
Pinch of chili powder
Slices of potatoes dipped in water ( to prevent discolouration ).

oil for frying


Make a slightly thick batter with above ingredients. ( Except potato slices ) )
heat oil, dip slices of potatoes after wiping off water into the batter, drop into oil.
Proceed with same method for all slices and avoid crowding the pan with too many batter coated slices. 

Remove and enjoy.