Mava Gujiyas ( Suffed pastry with dry fruits, nuts and mava )

Gujiyas are  basically  deep  fried stuffed pastry with dry fruits, sugar and nuts mixed with crumbled mava.
A traditionally prepared pastry around Holi festival . These are deep fried , flaky and crispy outside, then dipped into sugar syrup and served.
 Almost similar to Karanjis, karchikai s of South India.


1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup ghee to rub with flour.
water to make a tight dough.


1 cup khoya/ mava crumbled ( see my recipe for instant ready to make mava recipe) 
1/4 cup of mixed nuts like almonds, cashewnuts, pistachios, ( blanched in hot water to soften.)
10 raisins, chopped figs and other dry fruits.
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1/2 cup powdered sugar.
Pinch of cardamon

oil or ghee for deep frying.

For sugar syrup to dip Gujiya after frying.

1 cup sugar 
1 cup water.

Make sugar syrup by cooking water and sugar  together till 1 string consistency.
Dip the fried gujiyas ,, remove and arrange on a plate.

Method to make Gujiyas.

In a small bowl keep the nuts to blanch by pouring hot water . Then after 20 minutes, dry them well, and chop them to pieces. This step is optional to get a softer texture of the nuts.

Make a stiff dough with the all purpose flour/maida, adding the ghee to make a crumbled mixture first by rubbing ghee well with flour. Then by adding sprinkles of water , make a stiff dough and allow to rest for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the filling.

Take a pan, add the crumbled mava and keep coking on a very low flame till mava becomes soft and brownish. Remove and let cool.

Make a mixture of the dry fruits and nuts.
Add all the stuffing ingredients like desiccated coconut, sugar , dry fruits and nuts and mix with mava well. Keep aside.

Prepare the sugar syrup by heating sugar and water to one string consistency.Keep aside to cool a bit.

Pinch off small balls from the resting dough and make small pooris.
Take the gujiya maker,  ( a small plastic mould shaped like a gujiya which is very convenient to make even shaped perfect gujiyas.) place the pori on it, fill in centre of the poori with prepared filling around 1 tbsp, close well, remove excess dough and then apply drops of water around the semi circle to help seal the edges well.
Make a pleated design around the edges or simply curl up the ends  to protect the filling while frying.

Prepare such gujiyas and keep on a plate , cover to prevent drying out and make as much as you can for the first batch for frying.

While you are rolling out pooris, keep the frying pan with oil to heat well.'
Drop the prepared gujiyas into oil carefully by sliding from the sides to avoid nasty splash. Fry on medium heat and keep turning over in oil to cook uniformly.

Dip the fried gujiyas into the warm thick sugar syrup, remove and arrange on a plate.

I skipped this step  as I was worried about the sweet consumption and so high calorie snack already but worth preparing if sending to friends or to guests.

This will help you make some instant yummy mava for these gujiyas and other sweets.

Slow roasting of the crumbled mava.

Preparing the stuffing.

Gujiyas prepared ready to be fried.

Frying Gujiyas on medium heat.

Remove Gujiyas from oil when it appears flaky and golden

Let col a bit before dipping in sugar syrup.

Check the flakiness of the pastry.