Dates Milk shake /Khajoor Milk shake ( Vrat /Fast recipe)

Fast or Vrat is a time when needs to keep energetic and not forgo food completely. Fortunately several ingredients can be used to make delicious foods and healthy drinks for the fasting days and one such energetic drink I find is the easy dates drink or dates milk shake which is packed to brim with nutrition,  to keep you going.


2 cups milk
 15  dates ( seeds removed)
Few  cashew nuts
2 green cardamom
Sugar is optional as dates by themselves are very sweet.
Some blanched slivered almonds.


Chop the dates finely and keep soaked in warm milk for easy smooth blending.
Blend well in a mixie , add sugar if required.

Garnish with chopped blanched almond slivers. Add cashewnuts and cardamon powder.