Carrots and Oats Halva

Carrots and oats halva may sound odd but believe me , it turned out to  be the most delicious textured and yummy halva and the taste of oats was ever so subtle and no it did not change the texture of my halva to a soggy ,gooey mass.

So how did I plan on this recipe? well like always I just do not plan!Again  was the outcome of an idea to finish off the filling left over from-the yummy Gujiyas that I had prepared for Holi.

As usual I had a little filling left over around 1 cup  which was too tempting to eat just by itself. But I also had some fresh delicious crunchy carrots that were perfect for the halva I had in mind. The thought to add some oats also flashed and it was a good idea too so hence forth am going to make my carrot halva using oats also as one of the ingredients.


3 cups  washed, peeled, grated fresh carrots.

3 tbsp milk powder ( optional to help thicken the carrot halva  and bring it together ) 

1/2 cup multi grain oats  (or  any good quality quick cooking oats. I got a pack which had oats from several grains like ragi, barley and jowar).

2 cups thick milk

1/2  cup sugar or use condensed milk and skip sugar.

1 cup filling    ( from left over Gujiya ) 

You can skip this step if you dont have the filling or if you wish to prepare the filling ingredients to be added to the carrots halva then follow the step below.

1 cup khoya/ mava 
1/4 cup of mixed nuts like almonds, cashewnuts, pistachios, ( blanched in hot water to soften.)
10 raisins, chopped figs and other dry fruits.
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1/2 cup powdered sugar.
Pinch of cardamon.

Powder the ingredients coarsely and keep aside.


Take a deep pan , add the milk , grated carrots and cook till reduced a bit.
Add the sugar, the oats,  and stir in the filling mixture of nuts, mava, powdered sugar, chopped blanched nuts and dry fruits and now keep stirring everything on a very low flame till almost dry.

Add the milk powder to make the consistency thick and smooth.It also enriches the taste of the halva.

Note :

Those small flecks of reddish brown spots you see in the halva are ragi oats mixed with my multigrain oats mix..