Red rice puttu

Red rice puttu is a great popular breakfast food in Kerala among other putttu varieties.Am sharing a simple yet delicious way to make red rice puttu easily without the puttu maker.

Yo can also use the idli plates to make puttu shaped like idlis. But you need to ,layer the  mould  with some red rice puttu flour, layer with coconut, more red rice flour and then steam .I prefer the tying  in cloth and steaming method as we can steam as much quantity we want in one go.


1 cup red rice flour
½ cup fresh coconut grated.
2-3 tbsp sugar
Pinch of cardamom powder.
Some roasted cashew nuts in ghee.


Take the putttu flour in a bowl. Add some water in sprinkles while mixing well with fingers . Do not pour water all at once or else the puttu will turn soggy.
You need to dampen the puttu flour such that when you make a ball with your fist, it should form a ball, yet break down in crumbles when dropped .That is the right consistency for sprinkling  water on the flour.

Now take a soft cloth, make a bundle of the rice flour puttu and tie it up. Steam in idli steamer on  plate for 5 -8 minutes.
Remove when steamer cools down, spread the puttu in the vessel, it will appear fine soft and fluffy,  and cooked .

Now mix the grated coconut, sugar and roasted cashewnuts, mix well.
Red rice puttu is ready.
You can use the puttu maker too to steam puttu in the traditional way keep in it in the cylindrical maker and steam over cooker.

However I prefer this no fuss way . Also this method is good for those who do not have the puttu maker.

Enjoy delicious red rice puttu within 10-12 minutes.
This method is better as we get good qualiy red rice flour in stores. So all we need to do is to sprinkle water, steam and eat.
You also do not need a puttu maker unless you desire the cylindrical shape in which it is usually served in Kerala.