Pickled Mango Ginger Green chillies ( Ma Inji Pachai Milagai orugai) )

One of my favourite pickle if you can call it that is this yummy combination of the mango ginger tender roots with green chillies or green pepper and lime juice.

This is my easiest and ready to eat pickle when I have no other pickle. This goes well with curd rice and I also like to have it with paratha!

Called Maa inji or manga inji pacha milagai oorugai  in Tamil , it is always prepared fore festivals  for the  traditional leaf lunch.

 A.   Ingredients:

1 cup tender mango ginger ( so called as the tender ginger has a strong raw  mango aroma ) so use only this variety and no other will do.

1/2 cup finely chopped  a little de seeded green chillies or less than 1/2 cup 
3 limes fully juiced  removing seeds.
Pinch of rock salt.

B. 1 tsp mustard seeds for tempering.
2 tsp  sesame oil for tempering.
Pinch of turmeric powder.

C. 2 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp fenugreek seeds ( menthiyam )


Peel and chop  the mango ginger to small pieces. Chop the  green chillies removing some seeds.
In a  bowl mix all ingredients given in ingredients list A.. Mix with a spatula till everything is well combined.

Prepare the  tempering and keep aside. List B.
Roast and grind to powder ingredients mentioned. Add to the mixture of the raw tender mango ginger and green chillies lime mixture. Shake well.

Pour tempering over it, mix well.

Keep aside and it is ready to eat immediately though it will taste better next day when the pickle oozes water after adding salt.

Have with curd rice this summer!