Mango Pistachio Kulfi / Ice cream

Kulfi or the Indian Ice cream is very easy and a delicious  dessert. With the summer already upon us here in Chennai, something chilled and cold is definitely welcome. 
Kulfi is prepared easily as we have the ingredients at home easily. Just mix your favorite combinations of flavors and nuts, pour in kulfi moulds or in any container, freeze for 8 hours. Remove when set well . I wanted a mango flavor and since the ripe mangoes have yet to appear in the fruit markets, I used some Rasna mango juice powder. It definitely added to the taste of the mango ice cream or kulfi with lots of powdered pistachios.

Some history..... a popular Indian frozen dessert  like Ice cream but more creamier, denser in taste and appearance. There are several popular flavors in which Kulfi is made like cardamom, pistachio, rose and mango.

It is supposed to have been originated in the Mughal era when such desserts were created in the Royal kitchens.

The traditional way of making kulfi is by cooking milk under  a very low heat for hours till it is reduced to  a thick creamy consistency  and sweetened with sugar, flavors and then poured into moulds . Usually earthen pots  or moulds were used to make kulfis with the moulds sealed and frozen in Ice and salt.

This ice salt way of freezing the earthen pots is supposed to slow down the melting of ice and therefore the kulfis remained in good shape and did not melt easily. It also protected from heat and provided excellent insulation.

In recent times the  popular way to make kulfis is to use breadcrumbs, boiling milk and  sugar. A creamy layer is formed which is added back to the thickened milk making it more creamier and richer..
This process has now been shortened by using condensed milk , evaporated milk and heavy double cream.

Cornstarch paste is made using little water and  is added to thicken milk while boiling milk and cream.

The flavorings are  then added  while boiling milk.This is cooled down later , poured into individual serving bowls or moulds, sealed and frozen for few hours till it sets. Kulfis are very popular as it doesn not melt easily and remians in good shape for long even when kept ooutside, also it has a creamy rich taste .


1 can condensed milk
2 cups full cream milk  ( boiled and cooled) or 1 cup milk and 1 carton fresh cream.
1 tsp cornstarch
Pinch of cardamom powder
3 tbsp Pistachio slivers
1 cup thick mango pulp  or 
3 tbsp Rasna Mango drink powder ( for mango flavor, optional)
2 slices of bread, white or whole wheat.


Remove the crust from the bread and crumble finely in  a blender.

Make a mixture of the powdered bread, cornstarch and 1 cup milk to  a smooth texture.
Boil remaining milk,and add the mixture we made to it on a low flame, mix well.
Remove from flame, add the condensed milk and all the nuts and , mango pulp with flavors.
After the mixture is cool, pour into desired container or kulfi moulds.
I poured the ice cream mixture into a rectangular box as I wanted to cut slices before serving.

Freeze overnight or upto 8 hours to set . Remove Kulfis from freezer a few minutes before serving to soften it .

Serve delicious Kulfi or Indian ice cream .