Instant Coconut/Thengai thogayal ( Instant spicy lentil coconut chutney )

Instant coconut /Thengai thogayal sounds  strange.Yes it is possible to have it every time  you wish to make saving those precious minutes of roasting the dals, the red chiilies all to golden crisp perfection. Well how long do you think it takes some might wonder  and what s the necessity for creating an instant thengai thogayal post...Well although it may appear that I make so many dishes  in a  day , is because I have several handyy recipes  to cut my work and let me tell you how many times I have patted myself when such kitchen hacks come to my aid , especially on busy mornings.

I hate some kitchen tasks like roasting as it interrupts with my seamless cooking , and everything comes to a grinding halt just because Iam roasting some few tbsps of dal or chillies, I literally fume that I did not think of reducing this trivial yet an important step in thogayal making!!

So heres my hack for this making quick delicious Coconut /Thengai podi .


1 cup udad dal
15 -20- red round dry chillies 
A big pinch of asafoetida powder.
salt to taste.
1 medium lime size tamrind. ball.


In a big heavy bottomed pan, first roast the udad dal slowly on medium heat , till it evenly gets a golden colour.No need to add oil.

Next , roast the red chillies till they become crisp. Add asafoetida powder with chillies just before removing from flame.

Lastly break the tamrind to pieces, roast on a slow flame till evenly crisp and browned..Tamrind should become almost brittle.

When everything becomes cool, grind to a coarse powder. Add salt too.

Now this is your basic thogayal podi/powder. Store either in fridge or in an air tight container.
Evertime you want to make coconut thogayal/Thengai thogayal , use 2-3 tbsp of this  powder and add with  lightly roasted fresh coconut  and sprinkle drops of water while grinding to a chutney like consistency.

Your coconut/Thengai thogayal is ready.


1.  You can also  pre roast some grated coconut and store in fridge. Use that instead of roasting fresh coconut everytime you want a thogayal.

2. another suggestion is to add fresh coconut , roast it till lightly brown and aromatic, then prepare the thogayal powder and store in when you need some Fresh thogayal, sprinkle some water , give one whiz in the mixie to blend well but not too smooth.

Your Fresh thengai/ Coconut  thogayal is ready..