Dumrot ( Kasi halwa /Pumpkin halwa )

Dumrot or Kasi halwa as it is widely known in Tamil nadu is a Kannada cuisine and features in the wedding menu just as our Kasi halwa features in our Tamil weddings and also during Diwali festival. One of the most delightful, easy tasty sweet of all times. Very traditional and finger licking good.

Almost anybody can prepare the sweet very quickly , as it has simple ingredients , white pumpkin , sugar, some saffron strands, toasted cashew nuts and some ghee.

I have already posted a recipe for the  traditional Kasi Halwa made in Tamilnadu with white pumpkin. Check it out here

I cannot see much difference in the recipe.The Karnataka version uses the same method of cooking pumpkins after it is peeled and grated well, water drained , sugar added and cooked on a low flame till thickened. Some times a cup of milk is also added to give a rich creamy taste.
But I decided to make this the Karnataka way calling it Dumrot as it is known by that name, some bakeries also further bake it after attaining the halva consistency. It gives a slight baked burnt taste to the halwa,I skipped the step.

I decided to follow Sonal Gupta's method of making a delicious Gajar ka halwa using a very quick step by adding milk powder instead of rich mava. I also followed the same method  by adding milk powder at the last step to hasten the cooking, adding a delicious taste of mava , achieving a great consistency to the halva.
Sonal is one amazing blogger with an outstanding blog , with amazing food photography , do click here to go to her recipe too.

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Now to the recipe


3 cups of peeled white pumpkins chunks.
Grate them  and drain the water, saving some water to help cooking process..
I decided on  a  short cut by cutting them to small chunks, cooking in a rice cooker till the water drained well.
3/4 cup sugar
saffron strands
2 tbsp ghee/melted butter
some toasted cashew nuts.
3/4 cup milk powder
1/2 cup full cream milk


In a deep heavy bottomed vessel or pan ,add the grated pumpkin, thick milk and cook on a slow flame .
When the water  is almost dried out, add the sugar, saffron strands, toasted cashew nuts and stir well.
Add the milk powder , mix well till the dumrot halva is thickened .
Delicious Dumrot is ready.
Add 2-3 tbsp of ghee at the end , stir well and allow halwa to cool. Serve chilled or warm.


As I was busy with other cooking, I decided to make this halva ina rice cooker and it came out very well, advantage is no need to grate, as the chunks of pumpkin will cook well, mash lightly with a ladle, add all other ingredients, cover and cook.
The rice cooker will switch  itself off and remain in warm mode  when done without burning the bottom.

I find this method useful as it requires absolutely no supervision.

I must apologize for the poor clicks as it was night and I do not click well during night times.This was not a planned post too but as the Dumrot came out so well, I decided to add it in my blog.