Quick fix sandwiches ( kids recipe )

This is practically a quick fix sandwich for kids on the go , who have no time for a sit down meal.

Kids back from school in between classes will find this yummy, nutritive and filling.

Amazing filling options are possible, one such which is my favorite is to sprinkle a mixture of walnuts, pistachios like a streusel topping over a layer of Nutella slathered liberally and stick the two together so no filling fall off, just the thing little kids would love.

Cut into bite size squares for little kids to hold easily and eat.

You can spread some peanut butter on both  sides and use a mixture of dried fruits and nuts broken to a streusel powder and use that as a healthy option.

Instead of going for fruit preserves, jams which are sugar laden , you can instead make a quick fruit puree, add some milk powder to make it spreadable and apply that on a side.

Chose a variety of fruits and berries to make this quick fruit spread.


Slices of whole wheat loaf.
1/2 cup of mixed nuts and dry fruits.
3 tbsp Nutella or peanut butter .


On both  sides , spread the Nutella or peanut butter generously.
Sprinkle the streusel mixture on the one side and stick geometer.

Cling wrap and send to your kids, a non messy way of having a delicious treat.