Mixed lentils and spice mix ....One Mix .....Four dishes..( .Time savers recipe )

I am always up to something in my kitchen off late..As I get some requests to come up with quick ready to eat dishes for busy women and youngsters, I have added some quick dishes, some of them giving four  dishes from one mix.....A great boon.

This Masala vadai / plain spiced vadai called Paruppu vadai/Lentil fritter is so easy to make if you have the pre mix of the basic ingredients  which can make four  dishes..Yes you heard Right !!

A mixed lentil s pack  with some spices ground coarsely makes up as the basic mix which can be used to make Adai, Masala Vadai /fritter/dal vadas , Paruppu Usili  the famous lentil crumble which South Indians are known to use with their veggies thus making it more healthier and protein rich and also koftas and dal vadas for Kadi and Morkuzhambu

These dishes , we avoid making very often for the simple reason the ingredients made in the traditional way needs to be soaked, for some hours, ground and then prepared... No doubt the best way to get the taste right.

But when time is short and the craving is high ,you need to do something that fixes both...
Here is where my pre mix for these four dishes comes to use. 


To make these four dishes mix at home.

1/4 cup rice  ( or rice flour can be added separately)
1/3 cup Toor dal
1/3 cup Moong dal
3/4  cup chana dal 
2 tbsp   udad dal
2 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp black pepper
4 red dry chillies or more if you like.
A generous pinch of asafoetida powder.

Clean,(  not wash or soak in water...) ingredients and grind to a little coarse powder in the blender. only dry ingredients to be used to powder.

Store in an air tight container
Use , when required in small measures as per need.

If you plan to send these packets with your family members when they travel, make sure to paste the instructions on how to use and how many dishes can be made...

To make Adai

1. Measure out quantity of powder required to make adais.
2. In a wide vessel put the adai mix powder, add some water enough to make a thick batter.
Add water till you get a thick pouring consistency.
Add required salt as it is not added in the home made mix earler.Add some curry leaves.

Cover and keep aside for minimum 1 hour though good Adais  can be prepared even with 30 minute soaking.

3.Heat a skillet grease well.
Add a ladle of batter and make thick adais as is normally done by making circles.
Add drops of oil around the edges to get a crispy end.
Let cook for few minutes flip and cook other side.

Serve hot with suitable  traditional accompaniments like chutney, avial, jaggery, sambar.


Finely chopped onions, grated ginger may be added to  batter to make tasty masala adai.

2. To prepare Dal vadas/Masala dal vadas

In  a small bowl, measure quantity required  from the ready Mix which we have prepared, to make vadas, add chopped onions, grated ginger, salt, curry leaves, some fennel seeds.
Add water little by little to make a thick vada batter.
Let it rest for 15 minutes.

Keep oil to heat for frying.
Shape small vadas and slide in hot oil.
Drain and serve.

3. To prepare Paruppu usili/Lentil crumble

Mix the required dal mix quantity in a bowl to make a cake like batter. Add salt . Grease a plate and steam in the pressure cooker or steamer.
When the lentil crumble cake has steamed and cooked well, crumble when cooled and  add to veggies like cluster beans, broad beans, capsicums.

4. To prepare Dal koftas for Kadhi  or South Indian Mor kuzhambu

Measure out the quantity of mix required to make koftas or dal vadas for making kadi or using in South Indian Morkozhambu / Spiced yogurt gravy. Add salt while making the vadas /koftas .

Make small koftas as required for kadi by frying them till golden . Use it in Kadi.
Fry the small dal vadas to golden brown, Drain and use in morkuzhambu.

Lentil crumble /Paruppu usili can also be prepared by making a thick adai on the skillet by patting it lightly , add oil on edges, let it cook well, flip over to cook other side.
when cooled, crumble the thick adai to make crumble for vegetables.