Home made Adai Mix (Healthy lentil mixed dals crepe )

I have already shared recipe to make Adai by soaking the dals and rice for few hours, then grinding and making healthy nutritious Adai.

For those with little time in the kitchen or those who need to have quick ideas everyday to prepare yummy tiffin everyday , this method of making pre made mixes of various tiffin items comes handy .

Many a time I have sought the help from these pre mixes at home to decide what to make for a quick delicious tiffin.

The greatest advantage is there is no need to measure out ingredients everytime you make this dish, instead, simply tip out required quantity of the mix, add water , make batter, give some resting time and you can make quick Adais in no time.

In the beginning of every month I have a few selected snack , tiffin ideas to make , so get these home made mixes in ready , store in several bottles ready to access, and then use.

A great boon to send with those away from home, who do not have gadgets in kitchen to grind, these ready to make mixes come very handy. Just paste simple instructions if sending them them with hubby or kids going away from home, they will thank you for these handy preparations.
Yes while the market is flooded with so many ready to make mixes in mind boggling varieties , you may ask why make at home?? The answer is simple, for quality ingredients, freshness and above all the economy of it.


To make adai mix at home.

To make adai mix at home.

1/2 cup raw rice+1/2 cup Idli rice  

1/3 cup Toor dal
1/3 cup Moong dal
1/2   cup chana dal
1/4 cup udad dal
2 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp black pepper
4 red dry chillies
A generous pinch of asafoetida powder.

Clean,(  not wash or soak in water...) ingredients and grind to a little coarse powder in the blender. only dry ingredients to be used to powder.

Store in an air tight container
Use , when required in small measures as per need.

To make Adai from this mix.

1. Measure out quantity of powder required to make adais.
2. In a wide vessel put the adai mix powder, add some water enough to make a thick batter.
Add water till you get a thick pouring consistency.
Add required salt as it is not added in the home made mix earler.Add some curry leaves.

Cover and keep aside for minimum 1 hour though good Adais  can be prepared even with 30 minute soaking.

To prepare adai

Heat a skillet grease well.
Add a ladle of batter and make thick adais as is normally done by making circles.
Add drops of oil around the edges to get a crispy end.
Let cook for few minutes flip and cook other side.

Serve hot with suitable  traditional accompaniments like chutney, avial, jaggery, sambar.


Finely choped onions, grated ginger may be added to  batter to make tasty masala adai.