Home made fresh cream

It is very easy to make fresh cream at home instead of relying on expensive packs of fresh cream .
We assume it is difficult to make but you will never guess how easy it is if we decide to make it.
For instance in a week if your menu includes some fresh cream in the recipe, then start collecting the cream which you get when boiling milk, let it cool, collect the creamy layer, refrigerate in a sieve or  a container.

Collect cream every time you boil milk, when the required quantity is obtained , you can refrigerate till you need it.

Make sure to use up fresh cream within three days as it turns sour afterwards.


1 cup creamy layer obtained from milk  .


Boil milk, remove the thick creamy layer, cool the milk. You will notice after cooling more such layer formed, , collect this cream and keep refrigerated. 
In a day we boil milk at least twice so every time you boil, collect the cream .
Once the required amount is gathered, blend it in a small blender or whisk well to give a smooth texture.
Your fresh cream is ready to be used.

Keep this prepared fresh cream in a bottle in the fridge and use up within three days.

As it is very easy to prepare fresh cream at home, do it in small quantities to avoid wastage.