Kalakand....( The longer version.)

kalakand Bengali sweet made with condensed milk.

Kalakand , that delicious melt in the mouth milky creation so easy to make , once again I attempted , this time the good old method. Reducing milk to a very thick grainy consistency.
Lots of patience, but the end product worth every bit of the effort. 

After making both ways, the shorter and this one,  I have absolutely no doubt the good old long method is the best , and when it comes to cooking , the old time tested way is the best path, however the shorter version is equally good, for those not able to slave in the kitchen for long hours, that is the answer. ( shorter version of Kalakand can be found in this blog )

The recipe....


2 1/2 litres milk 
1 tin condensed milk ( or use sugar  approximately 250 grams )
Pinch of green cardamom powder ( optional )
1 tsp citric acid dissolved in water and kept aside.


Take a heavy bottomed deep vessel , preferably non stick and boil milk.
Lower the flame to medium and later to low till the milk starts thickening and reducing in quantity.
When the milk has reduced to  considerably ,  add the citric acid solution slowly and keep stirring.
You will see the milk is now curdling and fine grains of curdles  can be seen..

Keep stirring as at this stage the thickened milk may stick to the bottom.Add the flavors if you wish, add the condensed milk ( I used this as I did not have a very thick creamy milk ).
Add sugar if you are using the same instead of condensed milk.
(Add a little more sugar as per your preference).

The beauty of this recipe is,  though it is time consuming, it gives you the flexibility of changing consistency and sweetness.
You can even add sugar at almost last stage and if you feel it needs more sweetening, add powdered sugar.

This is one recipe which calls for patience and long hours of watching the stove.But the end result is worth it..
When the mixture thickens and almost too gooey , you can put it in a well greased plate or a parchment covered plate as I did , as I wanted to be sure of taking it out p erectly when I de mould.

Leave it to rest and cool for 2 hours at least.

Then turn it upside down and make the marks to cut slices with a knife.You will note the Kalakand cooked this way acquires a mild brownish tinge and a heavenly taste.Perfect with the sweet grainy texture.

Garnish any way you like with saffron strands, or pistachio flakes.

Enjoy this delectable piece of wholesome goodness.

Boiling milk on low flame