Kalakand ( A delicious Bengali sweet )

Kalakand   is a popular Indian sweet made out of solidified sweetened milk and cottage cheese ( paneer)
A popular Diwali sweet and other festivals, Kalakand is very easy to make with simple ingredients and easy instructions.


1 tin  condensed milk
3 heaped tbsp of dairy whitener
500 grams paneer ( Indian cottage cheese)
1 tsp powdered green cardamom
safrron strands for decoration
Pistachio flakes for decoration


First grate or mash coarsely Indian cottage cheese ( paneer ) , add the dairy whitener and the condensed milk.Add the cardamom powder .

Take a heavy bottomed pan, add the above mixture in the pan and on a slow flame let it cook, stirring in between so that the mixture doesnt stick to the pan.
After few minutes the mixture starts thickening, leaving sides of the pan.

Grease a flat plate  lightly and pour the thickened mixture on the plate evenly.
With the back of a greased spatula, try to smoothen the top of the mixture evenly. sprinkle the pistachio flakes.
Let cool before cutting into pieces. you can refrigerate after cooling.The texture will be soft, grainy and a tasty barfi. It tastes great when served chilled.