Quick crispy Bread vadas

This is an amazing way of disposing off those almost stale no one wants them bread immediately!!
There are plenty of recipes giving various uses for such left over bread, so I chanced to see a very tempting recipe by our own Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.
The original recipe did not work as it is for me, the batter merely crumbled in the oil, so I made slight changes. Nevertheless the idea is from Khaana Khazaana. and it is definitely worth trying.

The best part is no slaving in the kitchen , soaking , grinding , the complete process from shreddding the bread to frying is done under 20 minutes.!!
So that will definitely be a great boon for those who crave for those crispy hotel style medu vadas, with that perfect hole in the centre. 
My experience is making these vadas were far more easier than regular vadas.

While I will not buy bread just to make these vadas, I will no longer bin the left over stale slices, as I have got a good way of finishing them .

Subsequently I have also added pics from a slightly different recipe of the same vadas using left over broccoli carrots stirfry ....came out excellent. I did not use soda, yogurt instead used buttermilk.

Also I used corn flour in place of rice flour just to test , it came out well. Made the vadas both in appe/ paniyaram pan and some deep fried. 


10 Bread slices . ( I had only whole wheat slices , so used them ! ) approx 1 cup of bread crumbled  will do .

1 finely chopped onion ( optional )

2 green chillies cut, finely

1/2 tsp  grated ginger

1 tsp cumin seeds

Salt to taste ( bread also has some salt so be careful adding )
1/2 cup finely grated or chopped cabbage

Some chopped coriander leaves

Some curry leaves pinched.

A pinch of asafoetida powder

3/4 cup rice flour or use corn flour

1/4 cup sooji( semolina )

Around 1 cup yogurt to make the batter. or thin buttermilk.

Pinch of soda bicarbonate . ( optional )

Oil for deep flying .


Remove the crust from the slices  and cut the bread slices into cubes.  I powdered them in a mixie after shredding them.

Put them in a bowl.
Add the onion, green chillies, curry leaves, ginger, cumin seeds,rice flour, coriander leaves , yogurt,  and salt and mix well to make a dough. Keep the batter for few minutes before frying. and add soda just before frying.

Heat oil in  a  deep kadai . Make sure to add enough oil to keep vadas floating while frying .

Apply a drop of oil on your palm  , pinch off a small ball of batter with wet fingers, place it on the greased palm, with a wet finger make hole, slide the vada into oil and deep fry fill golden and crispy .

 Keep the flame on medium after heating  it well in the beginning . Keep turning vadas in oil till golden  crispy, remove. 

Drain and serve with chutneys of your choice .  

I had these crispy vadas with the bhel puri  chutneys , which were left over  From making bhel sometime back . Chutneys were  Sweet, spicy and tangy . Bread vadas are Truly a delightful Teatime snack .

Suggestion.and tip.

1. Add grated carrots, spinach greens, spring onion greens.

Note..If you see the white rava on  the pic of  vada exterior, it is because I had to make adjustment to batter after trying one vada, as the original recipe did not work completely, the rava gave a crispy finish and , it was great.

So add all the ingredients and better to keep the batter for few minutes before making vadas.Add the soda just before frying.

Powdered bread in mixie.

Another attempt at making these vadas today...this time Two dinner rolls shredded in mixie makes 1 cup of bread mix.

I also added some coarsely grated broccoli carrots stirfry left over from Lunch in this vada  mix.

Broccoli carrots bread vada

Batter slightly made loose in consistency for the appe vadas.

Appe/ Paniyaram pan vadas,just as good !

A platter of vadas made both ways, deep fried and ones in  appe pan .

Lovely texture inside and not very oily too.