Navaratri Recipes

Navaratri , a celebration for the Goddesses for nine days  also signifies  the preparation of a daily prasadh/Neivediyam in the South Indian culture. Sundal is the basic offering  which is a gram/dal lentil preparation either sweet or savory. Protein rich and easy to digest, Sundal is enjoyed by the young and old alike.With minimum garnishing, mild spice tempering and a coconut sprinkled on top completes this simple but delectable prasad. Iam in the process of adding more recipes for Navaratri, but would like to share some of them here in a single collection. Click on the link to go straight to the recipe of each Sundal /recipe.

Some savory snacks and desserts are also included as Navaratri is a time to celebrate with sweets too.

Chickpeas sundal/Kondakadalai sundal

Peanut Sundal/Verkadalai sundal

Karamani sundal/Browneyed peas

Sundal curry powder

Moong dal sundal/Paasi parup Sundal

White karamani sundal/cow gram

Split bengal gram sundal/chana dal/kadalai parup sundal

White dried peas sundal/Vatana/pattani sundal

Millet flour Dahi vadas

Sabudana Khichdi , with Fraali misal ( fast food for Navaratri )

Medu vadas

Parupu vadai/lentil vadas

Sakkari Pongal

Akkarai Vadisal

Rava kesari/Semolina pudding

Paal Ada Prathaman/