Broccoli, spring onions, corn grilled cheese sandwiches

A quick delicious and healthy way to include broccoli s in the cheeses sandwiches, see them devoured by the kiddos.
Broccoli,spring onions, corn cheese sandwiches....when you want to finish off the side dish...:-)..( brunch )

It happens to me very often, am left with some delicious side dish which has already been eaten with the meal, tiffin box etc, so I dont feel like carrying it forward till the evening, so it ends up as some yummy sandwich which my daughter devours after school.


Some broccoli florets, blanched. ( and drained well )
1/2 cup sweet corn, some coarsely pulsed.
3 small green chillies finely cut.
2 tsp pizza mix powder ( available everywhere )
salt ..a pinch
some chopped spring onions, the white part and the greens too.
Grated sprinkle between layers of bread and on top of the filling so that the  breads will hold well.
Butter to spread on one side of each bread while toasting first.
Pinch of white pepper.



Wash , clean the florets, plunge in very hot boiling water  with salt. Keep covered. After few minutes, remove the broccoli florets, drain well.

Heat a pan, add a tsp of oil, , keep pan in medium flame, add the broccoli florets, shelled  corn, the pulsed corn, green chillies,spring onions , salt, the pizza powder, , keep stirring on a high heat as we need a filling that is not damp.

Let the filling cool well.

To make the cheese toast sandwiches.

Use a grill if you have one. Butter one side of a bread, place on a hot skillet/ Tava sprinkle cheese on the top part, place filling on the grated cheese, again sprinkle cheese on top so that the bread will hold the fillings, while getting toasted/grilled . Place the other side of bread on top to cover the filling, and toast both sides on medium heat, carefully remove and toast both sides well, place a heavy object on top  if doing on a tava ,  I use my roti marble slab, very heavy and useful !.so that the sandwich remains in place, the melted cheese will keep the filings together.

Remove and eat !.