Quesadilla with pizza flavour

This is nothing great to blog about . Just another simple easy recipe for quesadilla which taste more like a pizza thus satisfying the pizza craving kid.

It is a great way to ensure you give more veggies and greens cleverly hidden in the spreads and filling.
Children find it easy and a no messy way to finish a hearty meal , as it can be sliced so beautifully.

You get a very crusty bread like texture on the top with a hot melty gooey centre with the usual pizza topping vegetables.

The bonus is the child eats a quesadilla equivalent to two healthy rotis/phulkas and a good serving of mixed greens and vegetables.

This recipe goes well with tortillas too.


4 whole grain /multi grain phulkas/rotis/Tortillas

1/2 cup of grated cabbage, carrots, green , yellow, red bellpeppers.
1 cup sweet tender corn 
1 small bunch of baby spinach leaves /Paalak 
1 small bunch of coriander leaves.
2 tsp green chilli sauce for the filling.
2 green chillies
2 tsp olive oil or any neutral oil.
salt to taste.
1/2 tsp oregano powder.
1 tsp.pizza mix powder
1 tbsp pizza sauce /or even a spicy ketchup can be used if you have no pizza sauce handy.

1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese ( decide on the quantity you like, for a cheesey quesadilla )


Chop the grated vegetables into thin strips  (except the spinach ,coriander leaves, corn and green chillies).
In a pan  heat the oil, add the veggies, add some green chilli sauce if you have, pinch of salt and give a quick stir fry cooking. Just sprinkles of water to be added to enable cooking as we want a dry filling.

You can use any left over veggies from lunch etc , must be dry or else cook till dry.

Keep the filling aside .
In a small mixie jar, grind to a coarse paste, the sweet corn,washed cleaned spinach leaves, coriander leaves, green chillies, 1 tbsp grated cheese,pinch of oregano powder ,pinch of salt. or butter to make it  spreadable .

To assemble.

Take one  lightly cooked phulka roti/tortilla ,  spread the pizza sauce evenly , next spread the ground paste   of corn, spinach, coriander leaves.
Spread the cooked stir fry veggies, add some jalepenos, olives if you have. Add some left over spinach greens too.
Sprinkle grated cheese all over and in the outer circumference as we need the cheese to hold everything in place as it melts.
Cover with another cooked phulka on top, press gently , place on a heated pan and keep some light weight on top to hold the filling together, as we do in sandwiches, or use a spatula  and press all over gently. Flip to other side when browned and cheese melts.

Slice into four pieces. Serve immediately! Enjoy a guilt free copy cat pizza.

This is a great way to fix a school lunch box , kids find it easy to eat it in a hurry , during short lunch breaks.
Also a great after school meal for the hungry kid.

I used my left over stirfy veggies from lunch.

The corn, spinach, green chilli, coriander, cheesse spread, ground coarsely.


 Cooking both sides on a regular tava. Did not try baking.

Flip to other side.

Amazing crisp exterior , so slices beautifully.