Quick Instant Mava Pedhas

Recipe for Quick Instant Mava Pedhas


250 grams mava which I made following my instant mava recipe.
1/4 cup ( take more if you wish ) powdered sugar.
2 tbsp slivered pistachios or almonds,
Pinch of cardamom powder.
2 tbsp milk powder if necessary to help bind mixture while making pedhas ( optional )


Take out the mava from fridge and grate it well.
Heat a pan, nonstick preferably, add the grated mava and add the sugar, cardamom powder, keep on a medium flame till the mixture seems to soften and looks like lava consistency.
Then lower flame and continue to stir till they seems to thicken a bit.
When the mixture appears to be thickened well, remove, mix in the slivered nuts, .
When cooled a bit shape into pedhas, use any moulds if you have or shape with hands. garnish with nuts on top.
Tasty delicious quick pedhas are ready to be served.


1. ( just before making pedhas, if you feel the mixture is still a bit soft , add the milk powder, to bring mixture together to make a little firm pedha , optional only , use your judgement )

2. If using moulds, fill with the mixture and press well.
Invert and tap to remove the shaped pedha.