Millet recipes at a glance....

Here is a small collection of some millet recipes. Click on the link in red to go straight to the recipe. Below a pic has been posted sharing Millet names in different languages....Check it out.

As and when I add more recipes, this post will be updated.

1.  Kodo Millet idlis with mixed veg

2.     Healthy Idlis using Kodo millets

3.  Kodo Millet Pongal

4. Healthy Millet Dosa

5. Healthy Millet Upma

6.  Healthy Millet rice for everyday ( millet saadaham )

7.Foxtail Millet Upma

8. Mixed Millets Dosa

9. Instant crispy Millet paper dosa

10. Barnyard Millet Neer dosa

11. Millets and Dal Idlis

12. Millet flour Dahi vadas

13. Mixed Millets Adai

14..  Little Millets Adai

15 Moong dal and Bajra dosa/adai with cabbage..a weight loss recipe too.

16.Tamrind flavored Foxtail Millets ( Tamrind rice )

Millet names..