Instant crispy paper dosa

It is not always possible  to remember to soak, grind and then ferment batter overnight to make dosas next day . When you crave for home made dosas , crispy and paper dosas , but dont want to make the usual rava dosa which is what almost all of us do , here is a solution . 

This recipe for quick paper dosa skips one step , saving almost. 8 hours of fermenting! 
This recipe uses the usual ingredients of rice and udad dal  ! So what is the secret? 

The proportions vary and the addition of rice flour while grinding batter  ! 
This is a foolproof many times tested times recipe but don't get carried away and start grinding a large batch . Get satisfied first with a small trial . 

Lets see the recipe now

Prep time
4 hours 15 minutes
Cook Time
3 minutes per dosa
8-10 medium size dosas
Recipe Type
South Indian
breakfast /tiffin 


3/4 cup udad dal
1/2 cup rice flour
1/2 cup raw rice
2 tbsp chana dal
1/2 tsp of fenugreek seeds ( to get that rich brown colour ) 
3 tbsp of cooked rice  ( optional )


Soak both raw rice and udad dal separately  for 4 hours.
Grind first the udad dal and chana dal to smooth batter. Grind rice and rice flour together and add to udad dal batter .Towards the end add the cooked rice also and grind well  ( I always grind everything together . ) gives me excellent dosas. Choose your method . 

Add salt, mix well. If possible let it rest for 15 minutes . Cover and keep.
Make dosas the usual way by greasing a nonstick dosas skillet, take a ladle of batter and make quick circles,remove excess batter in the centre by scraping and you will  get a uniform crisp dosa . The skillet has to be heated first , after spreading dosa batter, reduce flame to medium, add drops of oil all over the dosa at the edges, to get a crispy finish , lower the flame as the dosa tends to get brown very quickly , as men did in the picture you see, of course it did not spoil the taste, we like such browned crispy dosas which literally breaks ! 

No need to flip over. 
Enjoy with chutney, sambar, with molga podi or as it is . 


The pics col is dull as it was clicked at night and also if you ferment batter you will get good colour , see last few pics.

The measurement of a cup means any small cup or small tumbler but use the same to measure out rice , rice flour and udad dal. I took a very small cup for measuring . After making around 3 big dosas some batter is still leftover which I kept in the fridge. 

To get a thin  crispy dosa you need to keep the skillet  hot while spreading batter
Spread quickly without lifting hand in u inform circles and dont stop will get batter clumps and it spoils the look. Excess batter in the centre can be scraped out to get a flat thin crispy dosa. 

Dosa making needs little practice but with this batter ou will get very good tasty sour free dosas! 

Enjoy ! 

Scrape off excess batter in the middle which is usually thick, you will get a thin crisp dosa.

With fermentation ...the dosas will be even more gorgeous with good updated , dosas made after fermentation you have two choices!!