Nutritious healthy Sambar for toddlers ( Kids recipes)

Toddlers need a range of food from different food groups.
While appetites vary from toddler to toddler some suggestions are as under.

At least 4  servings of cereals per day eg... like 1 slice of bread,1/2 cup cooked rice or pasta,2 breakfast biscuits and 1 small muffin .

At least 2 1/2 servings per day of vegetables eg 1 cup salad, 1/2 cup cooked vegetables.

In fruits , at least 1 serving per day like aple or banana or 1 slice of melon.'

In the dairy food group at least 1 1/2 serving per day  eg 3/4 cup yogurt, 2 slices of cheese, and 1 cup of milk. Milk should be limited to 500 ml 

One of the important mineral needed for toddlers growth is Iron to carry oxygen around the body. Toddlers should not be given too much milk, as it will create full feeling and reduced intake of iron rich foods.
It is a good idea to introduce iron rich foods in different forms like soups, stews and our Indian cuisine like sambar or rasam.

Iron fortified cereals, whole grain breads, legumes., baked beans and lentils may be introduced in different ways.

Some iron rich meal and snack ideas can be:

Peanutbutter on wholemeal bread.Baked beans in tomato sauce on wholemeal bread.
Lentil and vegetable soups.Lentils are loaded with proteins and fibre and pack a powerful nutritional punch.It is a good idea to combine lentils and vegetables rice and seasoning of your choice in planing your toddlers recipe.

Split moong beans , which is yellow after dehusking  is one of the easiest to cook and digest for toddlers.
There is no ned to pre soak and has amazing protein power.

Indian Ayurveda recommend s moong dal  for kids and the elderly for its easy digestibility.

Mixed veg nutritious sambar

1/4 cup  chopped capsicums, sweet corn, 2 tbsp chopped onions, some yellow pumpkins, any or some of these .

1/4 cup chopped tomatoes, 1/4 Cup chopped yellow pumpkins.

Pinch of curry powder or any good mild sambar powder  very mild in taste.

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

Pinch of turmeric powder.

1 tsp ghee
salt to taste

1/2 cup dal water with 2 tbsp of cooked dal.


In a pan, add the ghee, add cumin seeds, when they crackle, add the hing powder, 
saute the vegetables, add some water to cook the vegetables and then bring to boil.
Add all ingredients, salt, dal water and some mashed dal, Boil for few minutes.

Serve lukewarm with rice. or with mini idlis.