Grilled veg cheese sandwiches ( kids recipe )

Grilled cheese sandwiches with some interesting filling options have never failed to impress me and i keep playing around with different kinds of fillings.
These are so easy, convenient to put together, bunch of veggies, roughly grated or chopped or made into a rough paste, some healthy spread to hold them all together like a glue, and you are all set. Go easy on the cheese if you want, but a small piece never hurt any, and the melty gooey look of the finished sandwich is worth it.I dont go for the grill , but use the regular cast iron pan, yes it does double duty!
I have a crude way of grilling my stuff and it works well, wonderfully every time. 

So go ahead and treat yourself and your kids to this amazingly easy tasty sandwiches .


slices of whole wheat bread. ( depends how many sets you want to make..)
2 tbsp of butter or less to be applied on one side for toasting.
2 red bell pepper thinly sliced.
2 yellow bell pepper thinly sliced.
slices of firm tomatoes.
Thin slices of mozarella cheese or grated cheese will also do.
1/2 tsp white ppper.
salt to taste,
1 tsp dried oregano.
1 tsp garlic bread seasoning

For the green spread

Some tender spinach leaves
some fresh green methi leaves.
some chopped fresh coriander leaves.
2 small green chillis, or less if serving to young kids.
1 pod garlic ( optional )
1 cheese slice. ( or grated cheese )
pinch of salt.
1 tbsp lime juice.
4 walnuts 
2 tsp olive oil.


First keep the bread slice toasted lightly on one side.

To make the green spread ( similar to pesto )

Make sure to wash and dry thoroughly all green leaves, pat dry .
Next , In a blender , first lightly powder the walnuts, then add the remaining ingredients, greens, salt, white pepper, cheese slice, or grated cheese, olive oil , then give a good whiz.

Keep the pesto like chutney aside ! As I did not have pine nuts which are usually used in pesto, or basil leaves, I made my own concoction of a green chutney spread.
Feel free to make the authentic pesto if you can lay your hands on all the ingredients.required for a pesto..

Add the lime juice and mix the prepared green spread well .

Now to assemble the bread with the toppings.

First take the toasted bread slices ,smear the green spread, arrange the slices of veggies, tomatoes, peppers.grated cheese or cheese slice, sprinkle the oregano.cover with the other slice

Then grill them till golden and cheese starts melting.If you do not have a regular griller, like me , do it on a a hard tava.

Heat the tava well, grease with some butter or oil, keep the flame on very low, place the assembled sandwiches , place a heavy object on top so that they get nicely pressed and the cheese and veggies get cooked, 
I used my marble slab which I use to prepare the rotis, on top!! It works, you need to make sure it is uniformly placed and then flip the other side, you will get a beautiful golden colour ..

Serve it sliced horizontally or as triangles.

Thats it...dig in...:-)


Prepare the basic green spread with your favourite ingredients..
pod of garlic may be added for a garlicky taste.